A big act of kindness.. sol#24

A friend is retiring and retuning to her home country soon. She had some last minute things to take care of and my husband and me offered to take her to town.

On our way we needed to stop at the garage to refill oil. The guys there said they would need to drain out the oil and clean before refilling and that would take an hour.

Instead of waiting at the garage, we decided to take a walk through the town and grab something to eat. Walking for a while my friend asked us to look out for a place with a washroom. My husband got into a small eatery to ask if they had a washroom. The gentleman there said they had just one upstairs used by employees only. When asked if it was appropriate for a lady to go there, the gentleman took a key and asked us to follow him. We walked a while and he took us to a home. We were surprised that he took us to his home so our friend could use a clean washroom. He even offered us fruits and insisted we eat some. We were amazed at his kindness.

We got back to his eatery and ordered a pizza. When we got our order, he went on to add a big assortment of Arabian salad as a compliment. We were overwhelmed by his kindness and generosity. We went our way praying for blessings upon him and his family.

Are there people like him still in this world? Someone who does acts of kindness to total strangers expecting nothing in return.

This is going to stay with me for a long long time..

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